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Room Plans


Room Plans give a visual representation of the rooms, together with contact numbers for Audiovisual, Security, Maintenance and room bookings.

Please note that new room plans are being drawn up in conjunction with IT Services and will be placed here when completed.  In the interim, some of those plans accessible below (for Mile End) may contain slightly outdated information and are not a precise representation of the College's current stock of centrally-booked rooms.

Please note these important changes to contact details for certain services:

Audiovisual bookings is now 020 7882 (extn.) 8888 or its-helpdesk@qmul.ac.uk

Audiovisual support is now 020 7882 (extn.) 6550

QReview bookings is now 020 7882 (extn.) 8164 or qreviewbookings@qmul.ac.uk


Campus maps can be viewed at:   http://www.qmul.ac.uk/about/howtofindus/index.html


Please click on the link to the plans for the relevant building from the list below:

Mile End:

Arts 1 [PDF 2.01 MB]
Arts 2 [PDF 1.34 MB]
Bancroft Road [PDF 1.22 MB]
Engineering [PDF 1.72 MB]
Francis Bancroft [PDF 3.52 MB]
GE Fogg [PDF 787 KB]
Geography [PDF 1.17 MB]
GO Jones [PDF 976 KB]
Graduate Centre [PDF 3.37 MB]
Laws [PDF 2.59 MB]
Lock-Keeper's [PDF 867 KB]
Maths [PDF 132 KB]
People's Palace [PDF 1.2 MB]
Queens' [PDF 1.33 MB]



Abernethy building [PDF 527 KB]
Alexandra Wing (Dental) [PDF 393 KB]
Blizard (Perrin LT) [PDF 420 KB]
Floyer House - Laird Hall [PDF 383 KB]
Garrod building. [PDF 2.62 MB]
Innovation Centre (Clark-Kennedy LT) [PDF 450 KB]
Yvonne Carter (Michael Mason room) [PDF 348 KB]


Charterhouse Square:

John Vane (Willoughby LT) [PDF 408 KB]
Joseph Rotblat [PDF 762 KB]


Barts (West Smithfield):

Robin Brook Centre [PDF 1.45 MB]
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