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This is the home page for the myTimetable system, where you can find:


The link to the myTimetable portal:  here  

[this will only work correctly if your default browser is Internet Explorer - if it is not, you should copy and paste the link into Internet Explorer as other browsers should not be used to log into myTimetable due to compatibility issues]


Instructions on how to obtain a user account for myTimetable:

The new user requires approval from the person who is responsible for the administration of the teaching timetable for your school, department, institute or centre.  The timetabler can then send the new user's name and College ID to

We will create a user account, and once we have arranged for any new user to undertake some introductory training on the system, we will as activate the account for use.


Key dates for the 2018-19 academic year timetabling process:

View a pdf of these:

2018-19 Timetable Timeline [PDF 303KB]

A description of the key timetabling tasks required to be performed during the timeline can be found below:

Step by Step Task Guide for Local Timetablers -Part One 1819 [PDF 872KB]


Link to the 'Timetables' website showing location, module and personal timetables: here

An explanation for students of the abbreviations used in myTimetable for various buildings at Mile End can be found on the ARCS web pages: here


College term dates for the current and forthcoming academic years (from the ARCS website)


Calendar year charts for 2018 and 2019, showing academic year week numbers and including Mile End semesters with welcome week, reading weeks and revision week:

2018 Semesters and Week Numbers [PDF 49KB]
2019 Semesters and Week Numbers [PDF 99KB]


SMD 2017-18 and 2018-19 year planners for the MBBS programme, which also illustrates the 52-week College academic year and the week start dates:

2017-18 MBBS Timetable [PDF 63KB]
2018-19 MBBS Timetable [PDF 441KB]


User instructions:


QMUL Enterprise shortcut keys and Scientia glossary of terms [PDF 30KB] [PDF 30 KB]
QMUL Enterprise system recovery - Guide [PDF 202KB] [PDF 202 KB]

Short 'How To' Guides

QMUL 'how to' guide - one-off bookings in Enterprise [PDF 240KB] [PDF 240 KB]
QMUL 'how to' guide - Jointly-taught activities [PDF 354KB] [PDF 354 KB]
QMUL 'how to' guide - activity variants [PDF 360KB] [PDF 360 KB]
QMUL 'how to' guide - filtering activities by weeks [PDF 173KB] [PDF 173 KB]
QMUL 'how to' guide - copying student allocations [PDF 70KB] [PDF 70 KB]

Enterprise Reference Data Manager

QMUL Enterprise Desktop Reference Data Manager - User Guide [PDF 2,917KB] [PDF 2.85 MB]
QMUL EDRDM working with Locations - Guide [PDF 520KB] [PDF 520 KB]
QMUL EDRDM working with staff records - Guide [PDF 793KB] [PDF 793 KB]

Enterprise Timetabler

QMUL ET Viewing Scheduled Activities - Guide [PDF 1,030KB] [PDF 1.01 MB]
QMUL ET working with activities - Guide [PDF 2,198KB] [PDF 2.15 MB]
QMUL ET Advanced Tasks - Guide [PDF 1,449KB] [PDF 1.42 MB]

Enterprise Course Planner 

QMUL ECP and ET Student Allocations - guide [PDF 2,280KB] [PDF 2.23 MB]



  • For all data issues, training enquiries, questions on usability, access to your user account, and matters regarding timetabling timelines:

Timetabling Support Team (ARCS) via or Tel. 020 7882 8162 (Mile End) or 020 7882 8163 (Whitechapel, West Smithfield, Charterhouse Square or Lincoln's Inn Fields)

  • For all issues regarding computer hardware and software performance issues:

IT Services via or Tel. 020 7882 8888

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