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Room Booking

David Sizer Lecture Theatre, Bancroft Building, Mile End

The Timetabling Support Team manages the academic teaching bookings within the College across all sites as well as the booking of rooms for internal meetings and student societies. 

Opening times

The Timetabling Support Team Office at Mile End is open from 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday.


The teaching timetables for the current academic year (displaying data for all centrally-booked rooms at all campuses) are available at http://timetables.qmul.ac.uk 

Please note that this information is subject to change.

Web Room Bookings

The Timetabling Support Team has introduced a web-based system for colleagues to make their one-off internal room-booking requests. This is not to be used for requesting bookings for modularised teaching activities, however.  For more information please visit the Web Room Bookings page.

Room Booking policy for Non-Teaching Activities

The Room Bookings Policy for Non-Teaching Activity outlines the process for booking rooms for events such as public lectures and conferences, and all event organisers at QMUL should consult the policy when planning an event before booking rooms or facilities. The policy also explains the circumstances where charges for the use of rooms or facilities would be applied, and which teams are responsible for administering different types of room booking requests. The policy was revised in April 2014 to include two dedicated event categories for research conferences or workshops which are delivered in conjunction with an external organisation or body, but where the subject of the conference/event can be clearly aligned to QMUL research outputs.

Room Booking policy for Non-Teaching Activities

Multi-Faith Centre

The multi-faith centre is managed by QMSU - for information on this facility click here.

Room Bookings for Student Societies

The principal officers of an affiliated student society from QMSU or BLSA can apply to book teaching rooms for their normal activities.  This is done online, via the SU's form which can be found at: https://www.qmsu.org/societies/committeeshub/roombookings/bookaroom/

Dance/fashion show rehearsals and similar such events are not permitted within the teaching rooms at Mile End at any time and are only permitted under certain conditions, and at a specific time of the year, for BLSA societies at Whitechapel.

Certain teaching rooms are available for all students to use as open-access shared study space when not booked for scheduled teaching/meetings.  As such, we are not able to make bookings for individual students.  Please check availability via Room Timetables online to see if a room is free.  Please note that the timetables information is subject to regular change.

Downloads for SU-affiliated student groups

Portering Booking Form [PDF 8 KB]
Portering Booking - terms and conditions [PDF 3 KB]
Portering Booking Guidelines [PDF 142 KB]
Student use of Garrod building rooms - policy [PDF 8 KB]
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